Due to our central location, free parking is not available nearby. You can park in the streets in the immediate surrounding for 3 Euro/hour, if you find a spot. There is also a parking house in Luisenstr. 47-52, 10117 Berlin, it starts from 2€ per 30 min – max 25 Euro per day. Payment is cash or by card.

Google Maps – Parkhaus Luisenstraße ( used to manage this)

However we can show you free parking spots on arrival, which are about 5 minutes away by public transport. A short trip ticket for that one stop would be 2,20 Euro each way. But if you plan to don’t use a car, you buy a day-, week- or even group-ticket for the public transport instead. To NOT use a car in the center of Berlin is a good idea anyway – and you also can save money.

The parking zones were extended lately – next free parking now is very far away.

prices public transport

Please remember you need a “Umweltplakette” for your car to drive legal in Berlin center.