Berlin – “mostly harmless” (Hitchhikers Guide)

No, that’s not true. We’re joking. That was not the brief description of Berlin, but of our whole Planet in the Hitchhikers Guide.
Thank God (or Millions of enthusiastic travellers) Guide Books today have quite some more words to spend for Berlin.
Berlin is a city that is always in motion. It was at the center of many of the 20th century’s most horrific events, as well as some of the inspiring moments. The metropolis at the heart of Europe has constantly had to reinvent itself, and has now become one of the 21st century’s most exciting cities. It continues to be in perpetual evolution, having been patched back together just over two decades ago, after the Berlin Wall divided it for 28 years. Nowadays a long stretch of the Wall, painted by more than a hundred artists from all over the world in 1990 and known as the East Side Gallery, serves as the world’s largest permanent outdoor art exhibition. Just a stone’s throw away, in the former East Berlin neighborhood of Friedrichshain, the parties go all night (and sometimes longer) in innumerable clubs including the world-famous Berghain.

Only four stops away on the local train that also runs all night (at least on weekends), the Heart of Gold Hostel lies smack-dab in the middle of the city, literally: it is located in the district known as Mitte (German for middle). Almost all of the city’s sights and attractions are in walking distance: Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, the TV tower at Alexanderplatz… Or perhaps you would like to go to a dark restaurant, a Turkish hookah bar, a concert by a Uruguayan ska band, or an enormous flea market featuring outdoor karaoke.

Wherever you want to go in the vast and diverse German capital, you are always conveniently close when you are at the Heart of Gold Hostel.