Corona limitations (updated 28.8.)

To prevent spreading the virus some services are limited – some to meet official regulations but also because we only have a few bookings.

Reception is open 24h again! from 7am to 12pm – closed at night

For late arrivals, please let us know ahead. If you stay at the hostel, you would need to arrange something to get back into the hostel during the night. Early Checkout is no problem, because you can always leave the hostel and there is no need to see reception for that.

Still we do not want to and cannot accept guests, that do not keep the distance and in general behave like there is no thread!

Bar is very limited

At the moment we only sell bottled drinks, tap beer and some snacks from the vending machine. Biergarten is open! Soon we will have mixed drinks again also!

Guest kitchen is closed – Breakfast is available from 8am – 12 noon

We will prepare something for you on separated tables. There is no buffet. The breakfast buffet is back – you need to wear a mask, disinfect your hands and can only access it 1 by 1 with enough distance in a line. You can always have free coffee and tea. The guest kitchen is still closed until further notice – if everything works out, we will reopen it start of September – until then we have a temporary kitchen with fridge, microwave and kettle.

Beds and Bathrooms

We try to put every booking – whether 1 guest or a group – into separate rooms, preferably with ensuite bathrooms where possible. Shared bathrooms will be assigned to certain rooms – so only 1 guest/group per bathroom. Rooms will not be cleaned during and only 1 day after your stay. We try to have at least 1 day in between consecutive bookings in the same room including cleaning and disinfection. As more and more bookings come in and Berlin also lowered the requirements, we opened some dorms – still the distance between guests/groups need to be maintained – but bathrooms then will be shared sometimes. We regularly clean handles and rooms get also disinfected while cleaning. Sheets and towels are free and have to be brought down to reception on checkout – our washing company ensures, that fresh sheets and towels are free of viruses etc.

Protection and Masks

Guests or groups of guests need to keep minimum 1,5 m distance. Our staff wears masks in service and at reception. Guests are asked to use masks, but it’s your choice. You will need a mask though anyway – for shopping, in most museums I guess and for sure in public transport until further notice.

On checkin and checkout, when you order drinks or get something from the breakfast buffet – basically when you go to reception, you have to wear a mask!

Corona App

We will ask the staff to use the Corona App, that is available now in Germany. We are not allowed to enforce this though. If you travel to and in Germany you might want to use it too.

Please let us know if you have questions

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