Letters & Packages

In general we cannot receive letters or packages for you.
This is because we cannot guarantee, that it will arrive at all or in time. Also on delivery we will have to confirm, that it arrived – but we cannot confirm the content or guarantee, that everything is ok with the letter or package etc. However we will never pay for any delivery when needed and we can also not accept letters, that have to be delivered to a certain person!

Of course we know, that sometimes it’s the only way to organise your travels..

So if you want to send letters or packages to the Hostel to be picked up on arrival or while you stay here, please send an Email to ask for that – please include your booking information like name, arrival, booking reference. We will get back asap.

Just some examples from the last month:

A guest sent a letter. But because the post was on strike it never arrived. He had to extend his stay – and it still never arrived.. so the whole order had to be cancelled – more costs – and still no sign of the expected mobile phone..

Another guest lost his credit card – disable it. The new one should have been sent to the Hostel. But again – it never arrived – disabled again – automatically a new one was sent out – but again never arrived..

So – to avoid problems – please ask before you just send something or let somebody else send something important to the Hostel.

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