Restaurants in Berlin

There are innumerable restaurants in Berlin. Just as pretty much every culture in the world is represented here, so is just about every cuisine. But you should not pass up the chance to try some of the local specialities. Here are some recommendable eateries near the Heart of Gold Hostel in Berlin-Mitte.

Restauration Tucholsky

Torstr. 189, 10115 Berlin
S Oranienburger Str.

Typical food from Berlin and other parts of Germany, ’20s-style design, plenty of outside seating. Just a couple of minutes walk from the Heart of Gold Hostel.


Oranienburger Str. 67, 10117 Berlin
S Oranienburger Str.

Seats about 200 inside and another 100 outside, so this is a good place to go in a big group. The food is on the simple side, but they serve over 100 different kinds of beer and more than 40 brands of whisk(e)y. Right around the corner from the Heart of Gold Hostel.

Curry Mitte

Torstr. 122, 10119 Berlin
U Rosenthaler Platz

You can’t not have a currywurst while in Berlin. We’re talking about THE Berlin fast food here: grilled sausage smothered in a curry-ketchup sauce, usually served with fries. This is just one of many places to go for a currywurst. The one at the Friedrichstr. train station is good, too.

All in One

Rosenthaler Str. 43, 10178 Berlin
S Hackescher Markt / U Weinmeisterstr.

Did we say currywurst was THE fast food in Berlin? Well, let’s amend that to say that it shares that distinction with the döner kebab. It’s Turkish, but legend has it that it was invented in Germany by one of the millions of Turkish immigrants here. You can’t walk two minutes in any direction in Berlin without seeing a rotating mound of meat on a spit.


Linienstr. 94, 10115 Berlin
U Rosenthaler Platz

German food is all about meat, right? This vegan restaurant dispels that myth with ease.


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