Tours of Berlin

There is a lot to see in Berlin, but how to go about taking it all in? We at the Heart of Gold Hostel are always happy to provide information and recommendations, but we can only take you as far as the front door. So here is a list of tours of Berlin:


The best way to really get to know a city is by walking around. The best way to learn about what you’re seeing while walking around is by going on a walking tour. And the best walking tours in Berlin, in our humble opinion, are the ones offered by Brewer’s Berlin. They feature a core group of knowledgeable and experienced young people, each with a unique background and perspective on the city. Brewer’s has a free 3.5-hour tour (keep in mind, though, that the guides work for tips) and a 6-hour “Best of Berlin” tour for 15€ (12 for students) every day. And the best part: they pick you up at the Heart of Gold Hostel!

Fat Tire Bike Tours

Berlin is a bike-friendly city and a pretty expansive one at that, so if you want to cover more ground in less time, these guys can help you out. We also rent out their bicycles directly at the hostel, for you independent-spirited types.

Mosaic Tours

There was a concentration camp called Sachsenhausen just outside Berlin, which has been preserved as a memorial. You can go there on your own, but you might want to consider the tours offered by this non-profit. The tour lasts about six hours. It’s 15€ (12 for students), not including the train ticket. Net proceeds are donated to three charities, including Amnesty International.

Berliner Unterwelten

There’s more to Berlin than meets the eye. Discover Berlin’s underground (by which we mean neither the subway, nor the techno scene), including some World War II bunkers, by going on one of the many different tours offered by this company.

Trabi Safari

Maybe the most fun sightseeing tour by driving through Berlin in a Trabi – the famous East German Car – also called “Pappe”. You can also rent a Trabi.

Stern und Kreisschiffahrt

Berlin’s waterways include not only the Spree river, but also a series of canals. This company offers boat tours with several different stops where you can get on, including one just a short walk from the hostel. The city sure is pretty when you look at it from a boat on a nice day.

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